About Us

Why did some guy decide that a fun idea would be to start making and selling boomerangs? That's a good question that nobody really knows the answer to. But the end result of this idea is our company Bootleg Boomerangs!

The "Guy" we are talking about is named Riley Auer who is not only the creator of Bootleg Boomerangs he is also the person who typed this sentence! This has been somewhat of my passion project and I've had a lot of fun with it. I've come up with all of the designs, do the sanding, painting, cutting, finishing, and testing for all of the Boomerangs for sale on this website. (Except the Beginner One Because I Haven't Learned How To Make Plastic Ones Yet) 

I really do enjoy teaching people about Boomerangs and how to throw them and I think a lot of people would enjoy picking up this hobby but most of them don't really even know that Boomerangs can actually come back! This is why I am trying my best to spread the hobby to new people. But for all of those who already have themselves a Boomerang to enjoy I wish you many happy returns and thank you for checking out my website! 
If you have any questions please email me at rileyauer@gmail.com